Black Hawk UH-60 U-Hawk Flagship

  • New aircraft capability delivered in a timely, cost-efficient manner
  • Designed for International military use application
  • State-of-the-art integrated glass cockpit with training and support
  • Improved durability gear box
  • Extensive reset life extension maintenance package
  • Zero Time 701D engines
  • Inlet barrier filters/exhaust modification
  • IV-HUMS monitoring system
  • Training packages for air crew and maintenance technicians
  • Blade support programs available through UAG/ACS
  • Field service rep complete program management available
  • Assets currently available now and in production
  • Other customer options available upon request
Utility/Firefighter Special Black Hawk UH-60

 Modernized Black Hawk UH-60 U-Hawk for Military Use


The Black Hawk UH-60 is a staple of military aviation, known for its versatility and reliability in a variety of missions. And now, it’s getting even better.

The Black Hawk UH-60 is undergoing a major upgrade to enhance its capabilities and meet the changing needs of modern warfare. The upgrade includes a range of new features, including:

  • Improved avionics and navigation systems, allowing for greater precision and situational awareness
  • Enhanced engines and transmission systems for increased performance and durability
  • Upgraded weapons systems, including the ability to carry more advanced missiles and bombs
  • Improved self-protection measures, including advanced countermeasures and armor plating

These upgrades will make the Black Hawk UH-60 an even more formidable force on the battlefield, capable of taking on a wider range of missions with increased efficiency and effectiveness.

But the upgrade doesn’t just enhance the Black Hawk’s capabilities – it also improves its sustainability. The upgraded Black Hawk will have a longer service life, reducing the need for frequent replacements and helping to save on costs over the long term.

Overall, the Black Hawk UH-60 upgrade is a major step forward in military aviation, bringing new capabilities and sustainability to this vital aircraft. So, it will be a great asset for the military in the future.