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UAG is authorized by GE as the Exclusive Repair and Services Provider for operators of restricted category T700 engines and the ONLY GE-approved provider of a ready, certified engine exchange pool.

UAG is a distributor of components for multiple Sikorsky platforms and the sole authorized distributor for the S-61 and its variants. UAG holds over 6,000 line items in inventory. We are also an approved supplier to Sikorsky Aircraft.

UAG is a Honeywell Bendix King partner for modern cockpit integration and replacement.  UAG has been selected by Honeywell to be a primary international distributor of its BendixKing division’s avionics products.

We are the primary internationally-authorized distributor of HUPP Helicopter Phase Maintenance Inspection Kits for UH-60, CH-47, and AH-64 aircraft.

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Brightwater Partners is the parent company of UAG LLC and Arista Aviation Services. More than 25 Blackhawks have entered the Arista facility after being acquired post military service. Virtually all of these aircraft are in regular operation today, and we have the capacity to acquire more and equip them to your exact requirement.